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Gua Sha Board Scraping Massage Tools, Fish Shape


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    Features of Lantee Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Board Fish Shape:

    • Is Not only a Gua Sha Tool But a Work of Art?
    • This Is The Absolute Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Board Available?
    • Ultra Smooth Surface will Never Hurt your Skin?
    • Built to Last?
    • Each is Carefully Polished by Experienced Artisan?
    • Easy to Clean?
    • Static Free?
    • Beautiful Design Lasted Thousands of Years.?

    What Are the Health Benefits of Gua Sha?

    By boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation, gua sha practitioners help those in their care cope with various conditions, including:
    • Pain and stiffness
    • Fever and chill
    • Neck and back pain
    • Flu and bronchitis
    • Earaches
    • Migraine headaches
    • Allergic inflammation
    • Asthma, coughing, and wheezing
    • Nausea

    When to completely avoid Gua Sha - Important contraindications
    • It¡¯s very important not to scrape over any mole, pimple or mark on the skin. This might cause damage to the skin. One way to avoid scraping such an area is to place your finger over it to guard against accidental contact. The same counts for varicose veins, skin disorders or open wounds and scratches.
    • During pregnancy, gua sha isn¡¯t recommended.
    • Do not use it on people who are very frail, or too weak to tolerate the treatment.
    • Don¡¯t use gua sha on people with bleeding disorders, or for people who are taking anti-coagulant medication, like warfarin.
    • Although gua sha can help you recover from many mild illnesses, it¡¯s not a good idea to use the procedure too soon after major or minor surgery.
    • Since gua sha is very ¡°hands-on¡± you should avoid giving it to a person suffering from a serious communicable disease.
    • Try to do the technique at least one hour before or after eating.