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Paper Quilling Art 2080 Strips (15 inch, 26 Colors, 8 Sets)


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    • Rich Colors and Enough Quantities: 26 colors, including almost all common colors and 2080 sheets strips, will make your projects easy to complete
    • Variety of Sizes: 4 kinds of strips, include 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm paper strips. The length of the strips is 39cm, can help to make all kinds of basic shapes.
    • High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality paper material with a certain degree of hardness, strong and not easy to break.
    • A Wide Range of Uses: The quilling papers are for beginners and professional quilling art lovers. It can be used to make small projects, including basic shapes, gift/wedding cards, earrings etc. It can also be used to make large and complex projects such as wall decor, murals, portraits etc.
    • What You Will Get: 2 packs of 3mm x 39 cm strips, 2 packs of 5mm x 39cm strips, 2 packs 7mm x 39cm strips, 2 packs 10mm x 39cm strips.